Hapkido West is a California-based nonprofit organization dedicated to the martial art of Hapkido. Established in January 2007 under the leadership of Master Marc Tedeschi, our core mission is to promote the practice and instruction of Hapkido, both locally and internationally. We offer affordable high-quality training to a broad segment of the general public and seek to improve educational standards, build goodwill and fellowship, and increase public awareness of the beneficial role of martial arts practice in one’s life. Hapkido West’s core activities include:
  • holding regular classes at a spacious, well-equipped martial arts facility at the California State University in Hayward;
  • hosting seminars, workshops, and other special events on various aspects of Hapkido and the martial arts;
  • providing forums where martial artists can share ideas and innovations;
  • developing comprehensive online resources, digital content, and archives that provide a broad spectrum of information on Hapkido;
  • providing instructional and organizational assistance to other community‑oriented martial arts schools and organizations, particularly those that are new, inexperienced, struggling, or lack adequate leadership;
  • generating high-quality educational materials, literature, and standards that can be adopted by other Hapkido schools and martial arts organizations;
  • giving public demonstrations of the art of Hapkido.
For further information, please visit our website directories or contact us.
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