One of Hapkido West’s important long-term objectives is to establish strategic partnerships with a broad range of associations, in order to promote goodwill and fellowship, and provide greater benefit to Hapkidoists as a whole. Hapkido has never possessed a single, well-organized, cohesive governing body, and probably never will. This is partly due to Hapkido’s extremely complex and varied repertoire, as well as the art’s failure to remain unified during its formative years. As a result, the Hapkido community has become increasingly diverse and isolated. That is, most associations go their own way, rarely coming together to share ideas and innovations. Although, this lack of unity and fellowship has encouraged diversity and fostered innovation, it has also hindered the growth of the art, discouraged the institutionalization of new techniques, diminished ethical standards, and reduced the quantity and quality of the martial techniques historically associated with Hapkido. The solutions to these problems are unclear and invariably controversial. Nonetheless, Hapkido West remains deeply committed to building bridges and forging relationships with other organizations, in the belief that greater unity and cooperation between Hapkidoists will ultimately benefit us all. How do we get there? By engaging in diplomacy, establishing dialogue, and finding common ground.

If you are interested in exploring partnership opportunities, or wish to discuss other ways in which we might work together to strengthen Hapkido or bring people together, please contact us.

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