Hapkido West’s instructional fees are intended to be reasonable and fair, and generally less than comparable classes in other martial arts schools. There are no contracts or hidden fees. We also provide subsidized training, reduced-fees, and tuition-waivers to those who qualify, thereby allowing a broader segment of the community to participate in our programs. Our fee policy is as follows:

1. All practitioners must pay either quarterly fees or a daily mat fee. Quarterly fees are $120 per calendar-quarter for all individuals, regardless of how often they attend. New students also pay a one-time $25 registration fee ($145 total). The mat-fee for visitors is $15 per day. Prospective students are encouraged to come by and watch practice, and take one class for free.

2. Quarterly fees are waived for currently registered CSUEB students. This fee-waiver is only applicable during the time period in which the student is actively enrolled in classes at CSU East Bay. Alumni, CSU faculty, and terminated students pay full fees. Former CSUEB students begin paying quarterly fees upon the date they are no longer actively enrolled at CSUEB.

3. Quarterly fees are due on or before the first training-day of the quarter. Mat fees are paid before class begins. Fees will not be refunded for any reason.

4. Quarterly fees for new students, or students returning after an absence, are prorated based on when one commences training: If one begins training any day during the month, one pays for that entire month, plus all remaining months in that quarter. For example: if you begin anytime in January, the quarterly fee is $120; if you begin anytime in February, the quarterly fee is $80; if you begin anytime in March, the quarterly fee is $40.

5. The certification and testing fee for each color-belt rank (kup) is $25. For each black-belt rank (dan), the fee is $200.

6. Seminars, special events, conferences, workshops, and special classes are not included in quarterly fees. These activities will have separate fees as determined by Hapkido West.

7. All fees, waivers, and policies are subject to change without notice, subject to the approval of Hapkido West’s Board of Directors.

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