To familiarize new students with important introductory information concerning their Hapkido training, we have prepared a two-page PDF file. Please read this material in its entirety. The information you have selected (Uniforms) is one of several topics contained in this file. Other topics can be viewed online via the Classes>Orientation menu at left. To download the PDF file, click on the link at the bottom of this page.
The jacket, belt, and pants worn during martial arts training is called a dobok (“clothing of the way”) in Korean. The jacket and pants are white, and the belt is color‑coded according to the student’s rank. The uniform worn in Hapkido is commonly referred to as a "grappling‑style" uniform or a "Judo‑style" uniform. All students are required to wear an approved uniform during training. The uniform must be entirely white. No patches, logos, names, lettering, patterns, or any other markings are permitted on the exterior of the uniform. You may obtain an approved uniform by either: renting one from the university; purchasing one from your instructor; or purchasing one from a martial arts retailer. If you purchase a uniform from an outside vendor, check with your instructor first, to verify the uniform is approved. If you already own a uniform, check with your instructor before wearing it to practice. No jewelry of any kind may be worn during practice. If your vision requires corrective lenses, we recommend soft contact lenses or glasses specifically designed for sports. Men should always wear appropriate groin support. Women should wear bras designed specifically for active sports. Keep your uniform clean and wash it regularly. Wearing a dirty or smelly uniform is disrespectful to others and unsanitary.
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