Berkeley, California—01 May 2007—Hapkido West, a California-based nonprofit organization dedicated to the martial art of Hapkido, today announced that it was making its rank requirements available to the public for free. This material can be downloaded from the organization's website at www.hapkidowest.org. Currently, most Hapkido associations do not provide detailed information on their rank requirements or their curriculum. By releasing comprehensive standards, from novice to master-level, Hapkido West hopes to encourage other martial arts organizations to follow suit.

“Making our rank requirements available to the public reflects our long-held belief that only by sharing knowedge with others, can we encourage others to do likewise,” said Marc Tedeschi, Hapkido West's president. “Keeping secrets rarely benefits anyone, promotes misconceptions, and hinders evolution of our art. In my opinion, growth and prosperity are a direct result of generosity. The more you give, the more you gain.”

Hapkido West's rank requirements are intended to be used in conjunction with Marc Tedeschi’s 1136-page Hapkido book, and his related series of rank manuals. Collectively, this material constitutes a comprehensive curriculum encompassing all ranks, from novice to master.

About Hapkido West
Established in January 2007 under the leadership of Marc Tedeschi, an internationally respected martial arts master, Hapkido West's core mission is to promote the practice and instruction of Hapkido, both locally and internationally. Hapkido West offers affordable high-quality martial arts training to a broad segment of the general public and seeks to improve educational standards, build goodwill and fellowship, and increase public awareness of the beneficial role of martial arts practice in one’s life.

What is Hapkido?
Practiced in over 100 countries, Hapkido possesses one of the most complex, unique, and varied arsenals of self-defense techniques to be found in any martial art. Its skills encompass all major martial categories: strikes, kicks, blocks, avoiding movements, holds, joint locks, chokes, throws, breakfalls, tumbling, ground fighting, weapons, meditation, and healing. Although combatives are an important aspect of training, Hapkido’s ultimate objective is the harmonization of body, mind, and spirit; the perfection of human character; the cultivation of social responsibility; and the empowerment of self.


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