Marc Tedeschi’s landmark books rank with the finest ever produced on the martial and healing arts. Acclaimed for their design excellence, clarity of content, and superb imagery, these masterworks remain the definitive source for all serious practitioners.

If you are a new student or taking up Hapkido for the first time, we recommend you obtain the following 128‑page book, which provides a concise overview of Hapkido's history, philosophy, and techniques:

Hapkido: An Introduction to the Art of Self-Defense.
By Marc Tedeschi.
Published by Weatherhill, 2001.

If you are a serious student aspiring to black-belt level, we recommend you obtain the following 1136‑page book:

Hapkido: Traditions, Philosophy, Technique.
By Marc Tedeschi.
Published by Weatherhill, 2000.

Marc Tedeschi has also written a remarkable series of books that provide an in-depth look at the core concepts and techniques shared by a broad range of martial arts. Each of these books is dedicated to a specific technical area, such as strikes, holds, throws, groundfighting, and weapons.

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