In the future, Hapkido West will be exploring the feasibility of developing online forums in which martial artists can come together to share information, ideas, and opinions on a broad range of issues. It is our intention that the level of discourse in these forums would be intelligent, sophisticated, stimulating, thoughtful, diverse, nonpolitical, and respectful of the opinions others. How to best go about hosting such forums, while supporting responsible freedom-of-expression is a complex issue. Unfortunately, many online forums are often used to air grievances, attack other people, engage in self-promotion, or express opinions that are ill-considered, rude, inflammatory, slanderous, or hateful. Obviously, the expression of such opinions does not benefit the martial arts community, but rather denigrates it by fostering discord and ill will, and generating negative perceptions. As a result, many martial artists have tended to avoid online forums altogether. Nonetheless, we still believe online forums are capable of intelligent discourse that explores a range of important and controversial issues, with widely varying opinions. If you share our vision for encouraging sophisticated discourse, and would like to discuss partnering with us to host online forums on specific topics, please contact us.
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