A detailed listing of promotion requirements associated with specific Hapkido color-belt and black-belt ranks can be downloaded for free by clicking on the links below. Be aware that these text-only listings are intended to be used in conjunction with Marc Tedeschi’s 1136-page Hapkido book, and his related series of rank manuals. Collectively, this material constitutes a comprehensive curriculum encompassing all ranks, from novice to master. Note that all downloadable files are protected by copyright laws. Any use of these materials is subject to the terms and conditions outlined under Terms of Use (see links at base of this webpage), and must be solely for non-commercial purposes.
PDF Downloads
•  Yellow Belt
•  Green Belt
•  Blue Belt
•  Red Belt
Printed Booklet
If you wish to order a full-color printed version of these rank requirements, you may order the entire set online from www.amazon.com. Note that these listings are also contained individually in corresponding rank manuals.
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