Hapkido West provides classes several days per week at a spacious, well‑equipped martial arts facility at the California State University East Bay, in Hayward. Admission is open to anyone who wishes to learn Hapkido, regardless of physical size, strength, or ability. Generally, we seek to provide a well‑rounded martial arts program that integrates practical self‑defense skills with philosophy, physical conditioning, meditation, and healing techniques. The goal for most students is to cultivate health and fitness, self-confidence, personal integrity, emotional stability, and peace of mind.

Our instructional program is overseen by Marc Tedeschi, an internationally recognized master‑level practitioner and teacher, and follows a formal established curriculum designed to provide benefit to a broad spectrum of students from novices to experts.

All classes are held at the California State University East Bay, PE Building, 2nd Floor, Room PE201, 25800 Carlos Bee Blvd, Hayward CA 94542. Our training area is over 5500 square feet, and includes 1540 square feet of permanent mats. For further information, please contact us. Click on the following links for:

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