Hapkido West offers a 10‑week basic Self‑Defense Class for novice individuals who are seeking to acquire practical self‑protection skills and increase their personal safety, in a relaxed and supportive setting. Admission is open to anyone. Although not a specific requirement, these classes are predominantly attended by women who have no prior experience in the martial arts. The 10‑week Self‑Defense class comprises 20 one‑hour sessions, consisting of lectures, discussion, demonstrations, and physical practice of self‑defense techniques with other students. The objective for students is to understand the theories of personal protection, and to gain competency in applying basic self‑defense skills. Training encompasses: prevention theory; the use of self‑defense aids or tools; falling, striking, kicking, defending from the ground, situational defense, and physical conditioning. Participants are encouraged to wear comfortable, loose‑fitting clothing that permits ease‑of‑movement. Martial arts uniforms are not worn or required.

All classes are held at a spacious, well‑equipped martial arts facility at the California State University East Bay, in Hayward. Registration and fees for all Self‑Defense Classes are handled through the university‚Äôs Department of Kinesiology and Physical Education (register for course PE1018). For further information, please contact us. Click on the following links for:

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